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Introduction to the Agcom

The Communications Regulatory Authority (Agcom) is an independent authority, established by Law n. 249 of 31 July 1997 (italian version).

Independence and autonomy are the elements which typify its activity and its decisions.

Like the other authorities set up in the Italian system, Agcom is accountable to Parliament which has established its powers, defined its statutes and elected its members.

Bodies of the Authority are: the President, the Commission for infrastructures and networks, the Commission for services and products, the Council.

Each Commission is a collegiate body, composed of the President, Corrado Calabrò, and four Commissioners.

Members of the Commission for infrastrucures and networks are:
the President and Commissioners Giancarlo Innocenzi Botti*, Michele Lauria*, Sebastiano Sortino*, Gianluigi Magri* (* italian version).

Members of the Commission for services and products are:
the President and Commissioners Stefano Mannoni*, Nicola D’Angelo*, Roberto Napoli*, Enzo Savarese* (* italian version).

The Council is composed of the President and all Commissioners.

Agcom is first and foremost a "guarantor".
The two main tasks assigned to it by Law n. 249 are to ensure equitable conditions for fair market competition and to protect fundamental rights of all citizens.

The guarantees refer to:

operators, by means of:

  • implementation of liberalization in the telecommunication market through regulation and supervision activities, and through dispute resolution;
  • rationalization of resources in audiovisuals; application of antitrust rules in the field of communications, inquiries on dominant positions;
  • organization of the Registry of Communication Operators.

    consumers, by means of:

  • strict control on quality and distribution of services and products, including advertising;
  • resolution of disputes between operators and consumers;
  • regulation of universal service and creation of specific rules aimed at safeguarding socially vulnerable categories;
  • fostering and safeguarding political, social and economic pluralism in broadcasting;
  • defence of copyright of audiovisual and software products, by means of a recently established Unit against piracy* (* italian version);

Above all, however, Agcom pursues the goal of technological innovation, which stimulates the creation of new products and services, as well as new productive cycles.

Technological growth encourages the creation of new languages while favouring computer literacy of citizens in the "information society".

The Communications Regulatory Authority is a "convergent" authority.

The definition refers to the choice made by Parliament, which attributed to Agcom a series of functions extending from telecommunications to audiovisuals and publishing.

This choice took into account the deep changes caused by the "digital revolution" which has blurred the boundaries between the different media, whose contents – images, data, voice – are becoming more and more interactive.

Telephone, television and personal computer will soon become integrated, creating a common platform where all technologies will converge and increasing the range of services which can be offered to the public.

The model adopted by the Authority is almost unique in the international scenario and many countries are looking at it with growing interest.

Agcom’s headquarters are located in Naples, at the following address:
Centro Direzionale, Isola B5 – 80143
Tel. +39 081 7507111 Fax + 39 081 7507111

Agcom has also an office of representation in Rome.
The address is: via delle Muratte, 25 – 00187
Tel. +39 06 696441 Fax. +39 06 69644926